Larry E. Powers, Jr.

Work Experience

1987/88 Represented Insurance Companies in Workers’ Compensation Claims 1989 Opened Private Practice as a Sole Practitioner representing injured persons in Workers’ Compensation and Personal Injury cases.


Judge of Compensation Claims:"I have presided over many cases in which Mr. Powers has been involved, and I find him to be an outstanding attorney, who has specialized in workers’ compensation claims for (13) years." Judges order dated June 20, 2000

Susie and Mike Rose: "Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all you’ve done." Case settled August, 2002 for $137,750.00

Joe King: "Thank you, Mr. Powers, for making my retirement years a lot easier.”

Recent Cases

  1. Walt Disney World – Plaintiff who fell while performing on stage received $1,032,000.00.
  2. Fred’s Crane Service – Plaintiff who fell from crane received $897,000.00.
  3. Motel 6 – Plaintiff who fell from chair awarded $592,500.00 in compensation.
  4. World General Import Co. – Plaintiff injured in motor vehicle accident received $500,000.00, with an addditional $200,000.00 pending.
  5. The Hartford – Plaintiff injured in motor vehicle accident received $320,000.00
  6. Progress Energy, Inc. – Plaintiff injured by defective crane received $275,000.00
  7. Chevron – Plaintiff battered in parking lot received $225,000.00.
  8. Margie Wood Trucking, Inc. – Plaintiff involved in motor vehicle accident received $200,000.00
  9. Ocean Springs Airport – Plaintiff received $120,000.00 for a dog bite.
  10. Mariner Health Care – Plaintiff injured by nursing home negligence received $100,000.00.
  11. Chu v. Tokyo House – This is the leading case in the area of exposure/repetitive trauma. Mr. Powers tried the case in court and at the appellate level before prevailing.


1979 Graduate of Lake Brantley High School
Athletics: Soccer and Basketball
1984 Graduate of Stetson University
Degree in Finance
Athletics: Soccer
1987 Graduate of Mercer Law School